Treat­ment ser­vices and new treat­ment methods 

The inter­net-based treat­ment ser­vice address­es to peo­ple with men­tal stress and dis­or­ders and can be applied by psy­chother­a­pists and psy­chi­a­trists for the sup­port of their treat­ments. It com­pris­es psy­choe­d­u­ca­tion, diag­nos­tics and cog­ni­tive train­ings. In psy­choe­d­u­ca­tion for exam­ple, con­cepts of psy­chother­a­py are explained by psy­chother­a­pists. The videos are the­mat­i­cal­ly ori­en­tat­ed towards the course of treat­ments and can thus be applied as a sup­ple­ment and sup­port of a psychotherapy.

Research approach of uni­ver­sal func­tion­al mech­a­nisms of the mind 
The focus of the research approach is the analy­sis of the uni­ver­sal func­tion­al mech­a­nisms of the mind and their imple­men­ta­tion in psy­chother­a­py in order to devel­op a com­mon­ly valid neuro­psychotherapy. The explo­ration of the bio­log­i­cal­ly found­ed func­tion­al mecha­nisms of the mind is required for a deep­ened sci­en­tif­ic foun­da­tion of psycho­therapy in the sense of evi­dence-based medicine.
Devel­op­ment of new treat­ment methods 
As a func­tion­al mech­a­nism, the attri­bu­tion to the self is for exam­ple inves­ti­gat­ed, train­ings are val­i­dat­ed and mim­ic, voice, gaze analy­sis (eye track­ing), biofeed­back as well as mag­net­ic res­o­nance tomog­ra­phy are employed.